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Do you know where your wallet is? The LEIF App does. LEIF is a kind soul and will help you find your wallet with distance tracking. If you're far away, LEIF works with the GPS on your phone and will show you on a map the last place it saw your wallet.



Not only is LEIF your wallet's best friend, it's easy on the eyes as well. LEIF was engineered slim to fit in your wallet while being robust enough to endure everyday abuse.


  • Battery

    LEIF's battery will last about a year depending on how you use it.

  • Map

    LEIF is a sly devil and works with the map in the LEIF App to show you its last known location.

  • Distance

    Is your wallet wedged between the couch cushions again? No problem! The LEIF App will show you the distance to your wallet and count down as you get closer.

  • Wallet Specific

    LEIF is a wallet specific tracking device. In a world of bulky tracking devices which try to be everything to everyone, the LEIF fits seamlessly in your wallet without extra bulk.

  • Secure

    LEIF is a loyal servant, only you will be able to connect to LEIF. LEIF is password protected, this means that only you will know where your wallet is at all times.

  • Tough

    We took the time to engineer LEIF to take a beating from your butt, purse, pocket, or wherever you choose to put it.


What phones will LEIF work with?

Right now LEIF will only talk to the iOS App (iPhone). We are also working on the Android App.

How long will LEIF's battery last?

Depending on how you choose to use LEIF its battery can last about a year or more.

What is LEIF's range?

Right now LEIF's range is 30 to 40 feet depending on where you are. LEIF works with the GPS on your phone, so if you go out of range LEIF will let you know on a map where it last saw your wallet.