LEIF Card | Pre-Order

$ 123.00

LEIF is a wallet specific tracking device. In a world of bulky tracking devices which try to be everything to everyone, the LEIF fits seamlessly in your wallet without extra bulk. LEIF is a loyal servant, only you will be able to connect to LEIF. LEIF is password protected, this means that only you will know where your wallet is at all times.We took the time to engineer LEIF to take a beating from your butt, purse, pocket, or wherever you choose to put it. LEIF's battery will last about a year depending on how you use it. LEIF is a sly devil and works with the map in the LEIF App to show you its last known location. Is your wallet wedged between the couch cushions again? No problem! The LEIF App will show you the distance to your wallet and count down as you get closer.

*LEIF is currently in the manufacturing process and is expected to be available December 2017. All products will be shipped as soon as they become available.